Rep. Newhouse welcomes USDA’s pop-up container facility at Seattle port

We are hearing from a high-profile Washington congressman about USDA’s plan for a pop-up container facility at the Port of Seattle.

It is designed to ease delays for U.S. ag goods headed to foreign markets. Congressman Dan Newhouse, who chairs the western caucus, says that it is good news for farmers and something we have needed.

“Having this pop-up site near the Seattle-Tacoma Port, I think, will help streamline the process and allow our producers to get their products to market. So, I applaud USDA for taking this action... It couldn’t come at a better time. You know, we’re looking at a growing season already with a lot of challenges. Being able to get our crops to market should not be one of them,” Rep Newhouse states. “So, I am happy that they are able to do this, replicate other ports around the country and Seattle is a key port to the Pacific Northwest, so I’m glad they’re able to do this.”

The new site aims to help farmers avoid bottlenecks and backlogs. If it is successful, the administration says that it will bring pop-up sites to other ports.


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