RFA reacts to General Motors retiring the combustion engine by 2035

General Motors says that it will stop making gasoline and diesel powered vehicles by 2035. It could be a blow to the ethanol industry as it fights for more uses for renewable fuels, rather than eliminating it completely.

Renewable Fuels Association’s President and CEO, Geoff Cooper speaks with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on the issues it will cause to the biofuels sector, the challenges with this initiative, and how it would impact rural residents.

“I think this is GM trying to score some quick, political points with the new administration, and I think it is important to put this into context. GM is talking about this as an aspirational goal,” Cooper states. “This is not something that is set in stone; it is something that they are going to try to do... the bottom line is GM, and all the other automakers, are going to make the vehicles that their customers want to buy, and I just can’t imagine that there are too many farmers out there who are going to be willing to trade in... for an electric truck...”

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