RFD-TV Salutes America’s Veterans

November 10, 2017

Nashville, Tenn. (RFD-TV) “Market Day Report” honors America’s veterans with interviews of veterans getting involved in agriculture.

This morning’s news segment kicked off with a segment featuring the United States Department of Agriculture honoring America’s veterans who work in our nation’s capital and with the Department of Agriculture. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue thanked the veterans for their service in the Armed Forces as well as for the Department of Agriculture.

During an interview with Farmer Veteran Coalition Executive Director Michael O’Gorman, he said that he wanted to help veterans get involved with agriculture, and his organization has become a resource for veterans.

Along with O’Gorman, several other interviews revealed a bright future for veterans who choose a role in agriculture after the completion of their service. Many resources are available to veterans, including information on how to get grants, classes that show them where to start, and groups of like-minded veteran farmers who gather in a spirit of camaraderie.

Approximately forty-five percent of military recruits come from rural America, but only thirty percent return. This is a number that groups such as Farmer Veteran Coalition and the USDA would like to see improved.

To learn more about veterans involved in agriculture, be sure to watch the interviews above.