Rory Feek Flog No. 20 - Farm to Fame.....Almost


In his 20th flog (farm + vlog), Rory looks back to 2010, when some folks from Los Angeles made a reel about him and his wife Joey for a potential TV show called “Farm to Fame.”

The premise was will fame change them and because it was still in the early days of reality TV, it was a big deal.

“Looking back, I’m thankful that nothing ever came of it,” Rory wrote. “In time, God would open the door for us to share our story thorough our own tv series made here at home, much like I’m still doing now.”

In the video, Rory tells the story of how he was approached for the show and even shares the actual reel that was pitched to television network.

Since April 25, Rory has been sharing a new video giving viewers new insight on his life almost daily. Past episodes have highlighted Rory’s birthday, his dog, his children’s book and what a Saturday on his farm looks like.

You can watch the most recent episode below and previous episodes here.