Rory Feek Shares New Plans for 2020

December 4, 2019

RFD-TV has big things planned for the new year, with Rory Feek on board as our Chief Creative Officer. His plans have Music City and rural America all abuzz.

Many remember the popular duo Joey and Rory. Not only were they successful singers and songwriters, they became one of America’s beloved couples. They found a home for their music and life story here on RFD-TV. Now, nearly four years after Joey passed away, Rory Feek announced to Music City that he’s ready to share more of life’s triumphs and tragedies on RFD-TV.

Joey and Rory feek offered up their life as an open book, giving us chapter after chapter of an incredible love story and the harsh realities of loss and heartache. For many years the couple hosted a variety show on RFD-TV, but after Joey’s untimely passing in March of 2016, production stopped. But Rory’s life and his daily capturing of it, in word and video, did not.

So Rory is joining the RFD-TV family once again, bringing a new show called “This Life I Live,” chronicling his post Joey journey with daughter Indiana. But that’s not all: during a celebration hosted at RFD-TV’s Music Row studios last night, Rory announced to a room full of music industry executives, publishers, singers, songwriters and producers that RFD-TV will be the home of many new shows in 2020 – shows highlighting the heroes and hometown folk of rural America.

For Paul Overstreet, who co-wrote “Some Beach” with Rory for Blake Shelton, this is exciting news. “I just think it’s awesome,” he said, regarding the new shows’ emphasis on storytelling. “It’s really incredible. The thing that I love about country music are the stories, and it’s always been that way for me as a writer.”

Kenny Alphin, aka “Big Kenny” of the duo “Big and Rich,” who brought Rory some of his peanuts grown on his family farm in Virginia, also welcomes the news of this new venture. “It’s beautiful to see those kind of stories told those people highlighted,” he said.

Rory and Indie feel right at home on RFD-TV, and we’re honored to call him family as he continues to pull from life experiences and share his raw, unfiltered, sometimes fractured life with the world around him.

“This Life I Live” and other new entertainment and lifestyle programming is slated to start in February. We here at RFD-TV and The Cowboy Channel couldn’t be more excited to have Rory and Indiana back with us!