Rory Feek’s Flog No. 11 - the TOP TWELVE! (a Q&A...)


In the 11th episode of Rory Feek’s flog (farm + vlog) series, it’s time for some Q&A!

Working with his wife’s best friend, Julie, Rory sat down to answer 12 of the most asked questions.

Rory said, “A week or two back, my wife’s best friend Julie, who runs our Facebook page... gathered a bunch of questions from folks who sent them in, and called me with the top 12 for me to answer. Here’s what we covered today...

-Will you be getting a new dog?
-Will you be traveling for concerts?
-Where is your garden this year? What are you planting?
-What’s a favorite song of yours that you and Joey sang?
-Do you see yourself dating in the future? (Probably most asked question? :-))
-What kind of motor is in your car?
-What is Indy’s favorite color? flower? food?
-Why the change from bibs to suspenders? (second most asked question)?
-Are you writing any new songs or books?
-Would you consider an online concert?
-Do you have any new music coming out?
-What does your red bracelet represent?”

To find out these answers, and more, watch the episode below.

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