I have spent the last seven years selling MyPillow® face-to-face at fairs, expos and events. Hundreds of chiropractors and medical doctors carry and recommend them for their patients. I have been featured on medical talk shows that air around the world. I have sold hundreds of thousands of pillow and have received thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers regarding how My Pillow has changed their lives and provided a more comfortable, restful sleep.

Many people, like me, are in search of the pillow that will help them sleep comfortably. At night, you may sleep with your arm under your head for support, flip-flop from side-to-side, flip your pillow over because of overheating, basically robbing yourself of highly beneficial REM sleep. Even if you are asleep for a full night, if your vertebrae are not fully supported, you’re only getting a few minutes of quality, healing sleep.

I’m so confident MyPillow® will help you that I’m offering an unprecedented 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee in addition to the 10-Year Warranty! My customer service is the best there is. MyPillow® is patented, U.S. Patent #7461424. We do all of our own manufacturing, and all our materials are guaranteed 100% made in the U.S.A.