Rural America’s COVID vaccine hesitation may be age related

Members of the ag community have shown some COVID-19 vaccine hesitance, and new data from Johns Hopkins University shows that many are not trusting it.

The much talked about COVID vaccine is now something that members of the ag community can access more easily.

According to Texas A&M’s Omar Montemayor, “The rural communities were a little late in getting the vaccine, but I think it’s becoming readily available now. Most of our agriculture community are older individuals. So, they will probably be the first ones in mind to go ahead and get the vaccine.”

However, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension is finding out that there is a certain vaccine hesitancy in their community.

“I think in the agriculture community seeing that they are a little older, especially in the community where I live, that it’s not so much a media or anything like that type of issue. It’s more of, you’re looking at a different generation basically, and this is a generation that is not used to seeing doctors,” Montemayor states. “It’s the generation of home remedies. You know, they usually are very hesitant to even see a doctor and I think that’s where you may find the hesitation of them actually you know going over and getting a vaccine.”

Experts at Johns Hopkins University, an institution at the forefront of COVID data and research says do not be hesitant. The vaccine will not harm you and in order to make COVID-19 a think of the past-- more people need vaccinations.

“The vaccines have been tested extensively and they have been tested across a wide number of population groups, different races, and age groups, and found to be safe and effective,” Dr. Dominick Shattuck explains.

Montemayor says that he fully agrees, do not be afraid of the vaccine.

“I personally had experience with COVID, and what I can tell people, it’s no joke. It’s something that took me to the hospital and I was in the hospital for about a week, and of course, it affects everybody differently, but I just don’t think that you want to run the risk,” Montemayor adds.


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