Rural COVID infections hit new record for third week in a row

Rural counties set a new record for COVID-19 infections for the third straight week. That is as nearly a million rural residents have contracted the virus.

Tim Marema, an editor for The Daily Yonder with the Center for Rural Strategies, speaks with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on rural and urban COVID trends, rural deaths from COVID, and what regional variations he is seeing.

“Last week, we saw about 70,000 new infections of COVID-19 in rural counties... That was nearly 10,000 cases higher then the previous week’s record, and so, we’ve set a new record for two weeks in a row,” Marema states. “The virus is spreading at a faster rate in rural areas than it is in metropolitan ones, at this point.”

COVID recovery will depend on the health sector, according to one top economist.

Over half of rural counties are in the COVID-19 “red zones.”

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