Rural Golfer

The Rural Golfer was born from Steve Elkington’s success with the hard-core instruction website, Secret in the Dirt, created by Elkington and five other eccentric and passionate golfers.

The Secret in the Dirt team includes Elkington’s mentor and World Golf Hall-of-Fame member Jackie Burke Jr., Internet instructor Mike Maves, computer whiz Jimmy Nissen, golfer and videographer Terry Okura and cartoonist Calder Chism.

Just as their personalities form a diverse group, the Secret in the Dirt team wanted to expand their instruction site and introduce themselves to a wider audience of golf fans who love the game as much as they do.

Viewers can dig deeper into the heart of American golf with Elkington and his team as they visit FarmLinks in Alabama, the Freedom Gold Association outside Chicago and play with ropers Rich Skelton and Nick Sartain at Tapatio Springs in the Texas Hill Country.

Season 1 of The Rural Golfer aims to bring RFD-TV viewers a real look at the inclusivity of golf and how it crosses every arena.

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