Rural Radio is ever-creating new ways for rural America to educate and be educated. Rural Radio “LIVE” is certainly no exception to that rule. Through its 60-minute programs, viewers are given the opportunity to spend quality time with each week’s featured expert panel.

To date there has been an immense scope of guest companies, products, services and ideas that have made appearances on Rural Radio “LIVE”. The guests, select representatives to make up the expert panel and News Director, Mark Oppold leads them through topics and questions to benefit viewers watching at home.

This unique program provides direct interaction between the show’s guests and their consumers, members and any interested parties. It has quickly become an extremely effective tool for companies or organizations to spend a focused 60-minutes on their topic: whether it be a product, issue, or idea. Most importantly, viewers are given the chance to see and hear for themselves the latest news from that organization and/or about that product or service- all from the comfort of their own living room, in prime-time hours.

“It’s the viewers that really make the program work,” stated Oppold. “Every guest has just been so impressed with not only the huge volume of calls received from all around the country during the show, but with the quality and variety of the questions asked. This response even continues for weeks after the program airs. People are hungry for this important information, and Rural Radio “LIVE” has built a bridge to connect rural folks with these national topics like never before.”

Contact Info:


3201 Dickerson Pike

Nashville, TN 37207

(615) 227-9292