Scrap metal tied to cornstalks costs a Michigan farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars, almost injured cattle


A Michigan farmer says that he has lost $500-800,000 dollars in feed. This is due to someone tying pieces of metal to cornstalks that were intended for his cattle to feed on.

Troy Cunningham, the Bay County Sheriff, said that officers were called to the farmer’s fields earlier this week after he noticed the metal while harvesting.

The farmer was harvesting in three fields, about 1,000 acres, when he noticed the metal had been shredded in the silage chopper. According to Cunningham, the farmer, who has about 4,000 head of cattle, said that if the cattle had eaten the corn with the scarp metal it would have really hurt them-- or worse. Thankfully the metal was found before it was fed to the animals.

There have been no arrests made.