Sec. Vilsack: 2015 HPAI Outbreak Helped Prepare for Current One

The Secretary of Agriculture is touching on the current condition of high pathogenic avian influenza and how exports may be impacted.

Secretary Vilsack said the outbreak is a bit different from the last one in 2015, where mainly backyard flocks are being affected now. He says the last outbreak did however help the U.S. prepare this time around.

“The good news in all of this, because of the work that was done in the last situation, I’ve been impressing upon countries the need to regionalize their decision making to try to localize would be a better way of saying it. In many countries are focusing their export concerns and restrictions on specific counties and in some cases where there are multiple cases in a state some countries have decided to do a state-wide restriction.”

Secretary Vilsack said, thankfully, there has not been any efforts to do a nationwide restriction.


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