Sen. Grassley expresses his concern on the impact the new WOTUS rule will have on Iowa producers

Senator Chuck Grassley spoke about the new WOTUS rule that went into effect his week.

He says that a new study by the Iowa Farm Bureau shows the majority of waters in his home state will now be regulated by the EPA.

“97 percent of the land will be regulated by EPA and the Corps of Engineers. You don’t know how much anxiety that brings the farmers of Iowa and we can’t stand for that sort of government control over agriculture, that it could imply and you know, when you have a law in effect and bureaucrats want to move, they move, and if you don’t like it, you have to fight him and spend a lot of money. So, you usually can’t afford that. So, you end up just accepting their judgment, and that’s not the way American agriculture has prospered,” Grassley explains.

He is hopeful that the Supreme Court will rule in ag’s favor in the Sackett case.
The House recently passed a resolution formally disapproving the new rule. The Senate is expected to vote on their resolution sometime this week.

President Biden has said that he will veto it, if it arrives on his desk.

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