Sen. Grassley to question Katherine Tai on her perspective on current trade deals

Senator Chuck Grassley says that the confirmation votes for the EPA and USDA could happen on February 22nd, following impeachment proceedings.

Another nominee is making her way through the process and that is Katherine Tai, President Biden’s choice for Trade Representative.

Grassley says that he will ask about her perspective on current trade deals in place and on continuing the talks started during the last administration.

“I’m interested in what I’ve heard is a Biden approach before they do do any negotiations, assuming it doesn’t take four years to get to the point of negotiating, but they kind of want to round up support in Europe and the United Kingdom, and at least Canada, maybe North America generally, Japan and South Korea, to try to get a unified front against abuse of trade laws, WTO rules by China,” the Senator states.

Grassley also says that he believes Phase 2 with China could come to fruition.