Senate Scrutiny Over Meat Prices

Janet Adkison reports on the growing issues between meat producers and meatpackers. The issue is the growing price spread. One lawmaker, Senator Chuck Grassley, is looking to take action and look into the issue. Senator Grassley states, “It is very shameful; it is the big four packing companies using this national crisis to gouge the farmer.”

This is not the only issue meatpackers are facing. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, many plants are having to temporarily shut down, as well as deal with lighter staffs. “Our biggest focus is making sure the beef supply chain continues to work and encouraging those packers to have a protocol in place...if they start having workers that have the virus, so they can continue to process,” this is according to Melody Benjamin with the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association.

The meat industry wants to public to know there is no shortage of their product; there may be a small delay in the supply chain.