Senator Marsha Blackburn says the White House could do more to address fertilizer

As spring planting continues, farmers are facing a number of input challenges.

USDA has announced it will double its investment in domestic fertilizer grants to $500 million in an effort to address the situation.

U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn joined us on the Rural Evening News for further perspective. She says the White House could do more.

“They are still not addressing the root cause which is your cost of energy, and there are steps this White House could take. The cost of hydrocarbons, the cost of oil is driving up the cost of fertilizer, all of your foodstuff, your groceries, your wrapping, and your logistics. It’s at the heart of this inflation that we’re seeing.”

Senator Blackburn also touched on the recently announced Affordable Connectivity Program. She calls it a win for rural America.


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