Spring planting surges in Ukraine despite conflict

Spring planting in Ukraine increased by twofold this week.

Despite the ongoing war and civil unrest, Ukraine has witnessed a remarkable increase in spring planting activities this week, with planting doubling compared to the previous period.

According to Agricensus, planting operations have commenced in 12 regions across the country, with the southern regions showing the most progress. Reports also indicate that more than 8,000 acres of spring wheat have already been sown, along with 68,000 acres of barley, 32,000 acres of peas, and three thousand acres of oats. This surge in planting activity underscores the resilience of Ukrainian farmers amid challenging circumstances.

While the current planting season is expected to match last year’s acreage for spring crops, it remains well below pre-war levels due to ongoing territorial disputes with Russia. Several territories in eastern Ukraine remain occupied, posing logistical and security challenges for agricultural operations in those areas.