Stink bugs are causing trouble in almond orchards

Pests are a big problem for growers. Specifically in California, stinkbugs can be big trouble for almond producers.

Entomologists say this time of year is prime time for the often hard to spot bugs.

“They’re hard to find. They’re often in the tops of the trees. Sometimes they’ll migrate in the middle of season, you’ll get pest control advisors that are looking diligently for leafleted bugs in April, May, and maybe the beginning of June and kind of stopped looking for bugs because leaflet of bug seasons over. Then maybe you have, you know, silage corn field that gets harvested next to you or tomato field or something, and these stink bugs come in. They can cause damage into June with relatively hardened off shells causes the black spot on the nut that’s rejected harvest,” said David Haviland.

Haviland says if a producer suspects any damage caused by stink bugs, to work with the huller, saying they might be able to separate worm damage.

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