Stolen baby goat reunited with family in Maryland


A baby goat that was stolen from a Baltimore County, Maryland barn earlier this week has been recovered.

Shine On Farm, a farm that raises Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, initially sent out a message on June 30 reporting that one of its baby goats had been stolen.

“STOLEN BABY GOAT in Glen Arm, Maryland. This is her newborn photo, she is a little bigger and has been disbudded since, so she will have the top of her head shaved and cauterized where her horns would have been. She has a white tail tip, and some white around her stomach and back midsection,” the post read.

The goat was recovered and reunited with its mother and sisters on July 2. According to WJZ, it was found in Aberbeen, which is about 25 miles away.