Stronger Together: the 102nd AFBF Convention is underway

The annual convention for the American Farm Bureau Federation is officially underway. We brought you live coverage Sunday afternoon of the opening remarks.

This year’s theme is “Stronger Together” and President Zippy Duvall highlighted everything the bureau has done to help agriculture since the pandemic began.

According to Duvall, “When the pandemic threatened the entry of farmworkers, we made sure that those workers got to your farm so that you could grow and harvest the crops on your farm. When farmers and ranchers were trying to provide protection equipment for our workers on the farm and their families, we went to Congress and made sure in the CARES Act that they helped you pay for that equipment and the extra housing that you were providing for people during the pandemic. When our farmers had to dump their milk out, and other farmers were plowing their vegetables under the ground because of plant closures, we worked with USDA and our state Farm Bureaus and other organizations across the country to find other ways for you to market your products. We even helped the USDA create a farm-to-family food box that was given out to millions of Americans across the country in a very difficult time in their lives.”

South Dakota Farm Bureau President and AFBF Vice President, Scott Vanderwal speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on the convention being virtual this year and what issues the bureau is focused on this year.

“President Duvall and our staff have already reached out to the people that President-elect Biden has indicated will be parts of his staff, particularly Secretary Vilsack who we have a good relationship with... We’re registering our thoughts already and making sure they understand what our priorities are,” Vanderwal states.

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