Students can learn about America’s natural wonders through the “Every Kid Outdoors” program

Fourth and now fifth grade students can see America’s natural wonders and sites for free!

A U.S. Forest Service Program, “Every Kid Outdoors,” has been expanded to include fifth graders.

Al Remley says that the upgrade was due to national parks closing in the spring and summer because of the pandemic.

“Very anxious to use their passes and ready to go outside and explore the world around them, and unfortunately, with these closures and stay at home orders, they could not get the full benefit of that fourth grade pass,” Remley states. “So, to counteract that, for this 2020-2021 school year, we’re extending this opportunity to fifth graders who were then fourth graders last year to participate again this year.”

Fifth graders can download their pass HERE, through August of next year.