Supporting Dicamba Regulations Through Training


October 19, 2017

Nashville, Tenn. (RFD-TV) Monsanto’s Vice President of Global Strategy, Scott Partridge, as well as BASF’s Technical Marketing Manager, Chad Asmus, joined RFD-TV to discuss the Environmental Protection Agency’s ruling on dicamba labeling for the 2018 year.

The EPA ruled for dicamba to be labeled as a restricted use pesticide, meaning users will need certification to use and apply. With this certification, a training, led by state staff, will be required for mixing and application of the herbicide.

Partridge and Asmus, both stated that their companies worked closely with the EPA to come to this ruling and voluntarily submitted dicamba labels to be classified as “Restricted Use.” Partridge also explained that Monsanto will be working with the states to ensure proper training and will aid in a record-keeping requirement that will include, what dicamba was applied too, when it was applied, where, and how. This will ensure the following of the newly formed regulations, which include an application cut off date.

Asmus also explained BASF will be augmenting their training opportunities so that applicators meet the required guidelines. BASF will also provide aid in the record-keeping guidelines and continue to work with all agencies involved so their product is being used correctly.

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