Sympathize with Dutch Farmers: Canadian farmers say government’s plan to reduce nitrogen unfairly targets them

Some producers in Canada are joining Dutch farmers in solidarity over the government’s efforts to reduce nitrogen emissions.

Tractors rolled through Ottawa and other provincial capital cities as concerns grow over the government’s push to cut nitrogen fertilizer emissions 30 percent by 2030. Farmers in Canada say a mandate like this threatens the livelihoods of crop growers.

According to Ian Boxall, “Producers care more about the environment than we ever get credit for. Which is frustrating, because we are the first ones that see any type of change. It affects our bottom line every day. I do not believe, with the way we apply our fertilizer in Saskatchewan, 80 percent of it is probably put in the ground at the time of seeding. We don’t have huge emissions.”

Now, Canada’s target is a bit different from the Netherlands. The Dutch government has mandated nitrogen emissions cuts for its overall ag industry by an average of more than 50 percent. The president of the Agricultural Producers of Saskatchewan says that he sympathizes with Dutch farmers. He also says that Canada’s goal unfairly targets field crop producers.


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