Tarleton State researching benefits of CBD to treat horses


Since the 2018 Farm Bill, the use of CBD to treat horses has become an increasingly common practice. Now, researchers at Tarleton State University’s Equine Center have launched a study to find out what exactly the benefits are for the animals.

Dr. Kimberly Guay is overseeing the research, which seeks to quantify the impact has on inflammation, stress and negative behavirors

“I have just been overwhelmed by the level of interest in this study,” she said. “By now, horse owners have all heard the hype about the potential benefits of CBD oil. Here at Tarleton, we are working to give them the reliable data that’s just not there yet.”

Guay and her student research team, which comes from the school’s equine science classes, are giving horses CBD oil or pellets and then measuring the physiological effects on the horses heart rate and cortisone level. They are also tracking how doses of CBD impact any common obsessive compulsive behaviors.

“We are also tracking how long CBD stays in the horse’s system,” Guay said. “Many people who compete with their horses are interested in using CBD products to reduce stress and inflammation, but many event organizers are still working through their CBD restrictions for horses in competition.”

The study is expected to publish sometime in 2021.