Teaching a deaf dog new tricks


Chloe Shorten is an animal welfare manager in England. One day she came across Peggy, a deaf, 9-year old sheepdog.

Peggy was adopted and taken to the Shorten’s farm. With the help of the animal-loving couple and two other sheepdogs, Peggy was able to learn hand signals to help herd sheep.

“We knew Peggy wanted to be working so we started the long process of teaching her how to herd and work with a shepherd without relying on voice commands. We used repetitive and positive reinforcement and instead of pairing a verbal command with an action, we’d use a physical hand gestures,” Chloe stated, according to the NY Post.

She knows good job, slow down, change direction, and stop.

Border collies were made to be herding dogs. They originally were bred for sheep in Scotland.


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Story via Cortney Moore with Fox News