Ted Cruz on Ag Issues

Senator Ted Cruz discusses the current trade climate.

May 23, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) RFDTV’s Sarah Mock recently sat down with Senator Ted Cruz for his perspective on some issues that are of key concern to rural Americans.

Firstly, there is trade. As the future of NAFTA and other US trade relationships remain unclear, Congressional lawmakers are asking the administration to focus on making gains for American agriculture. RFD-TV’s Sarah Mock sat down with Senator Ted Cruz to get his take on the current trade climate.

Senator Cruz is encouraged by the administration’s tough stance against China and others, asserting that firm negotiations are essential to opening up markets that American farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers need. He also says that the US-China trade discussions played a role in President Donald Trump’s Renewable Fuel Standard reform, with the prospect of additional ethanol exports to China being a factor in his decision.

Then, there is the Farm Bill. With the House failing to pass its own version of the legislation last week, attention now turns to the Senate, where a bipartisan measure is expected in the coming weeks. With the House Farm Bill held up in part over a vote on immigration reform, eyes are on whether the Senate will take up the question as well. Cruz says he is doubtful any immigration legislation could make it through the Senate.

The House plans to take up a second farm bill vote on June 22. Senate Ag Chairman Pat Roberts set a tentative release of the Senate’s version of the legislation for June 6.

Watch the videos above to get more of Senator Cruz’s thoughts on these critical issues.