Texan turns feral hog problem into free food for those struggling during COVID-19 pandemic

Feral Hogs

CBS DFW reports a Texas man has come up with a creative way to feed families in need for free while addressing a serious problem for rural property owners at the same time.

Bill Kovar has been dealing with feral hogs at his rural Texas home for months. They have been plowing up his land and threatening his livestock

Hog trapper Cory Hirth saw the big issue as a potential solution to another problem.

“I’m thinking we’ve got an abundance of pork in the wild why not put it to use,” Hirth told CBS DFW news.

That is when he began giving away more than 60 pounds of frozen wild boar meat he has trapped to families in need.

Other trappers are now getting involved to help feed those in need as well.

Texas has 1.5 million feral hogs, more than any state in the country. A study by Texas A&M found that each one causes an average of $200 in damage a year.

The meat from feral hogs has less fat than domesticated pigs and is popular among hunters.