Texas Ag Commissioner on the crisis at the border

There is a video out of McAllen, Texas-- 70 miles north of Mexico-- that shows suspected smugglers driving down backroads while pointing an AR-15 at the windshield.

The driver and passenger eventually drop off a load of immigrants who run to a gate where a parked truck is waiting. Federal and local police have reportedly told ranchers to carry firearms with them when they are on their own property.

The Texas Farm Bureau says that these groups have become more militant and says that it is scary just to be on your own ranch alone.

Many of the immigrants evade Border Patrol by trespassing on ranches to get further into the U.S.

Texas Ag Commissioner, Sid Miller speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on the growing danger, the threat to ranchers, and how rural residents can protect themselves.

According to Miller, “So Texas, we need to go in and finish building the wall ourselves and secure our border. But, here’s the problem, several years ago the crime families that ran the cartel recruited men out of the Mexican military’s elite forces... to go to work for them... after several years-- these are trained killers... they killed the crime families. So, now these professionally trained killers are the cartel... This is as bad as it gets.”


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