Texas Communities Hit With Double-Whammy Weather Events

Farmers and ranchers in Texas are battling a double whammy with incredible tornadoes after a week of wildfires.

At least 10 twisters touched down last night. This is the second town of Round Rock, about 20 miles north of Austin. We do not know yet the damage to agriculture, but first responders say there is tremendous damage to homes and businesses. Thankfully, no fatalities or major injuries have been reported.

We’re also waiting to see the damage to agriculture from a string of wildfires in Central and Western Texas. Forestry officials say 175 fires have scorched 100,000 acres in the last week, and this week’s weather patterns could increase the danger in Texas and beyond.

“That threat could expand in the storm’s wake, even to areas of parts of the Northern Plains into South Dakota, perhaps even North Dakota, where we’ve seen a relatively dry winter. We’ve got a lot of dry gasses that could quickly burn.”

The state has banned outdoor burning and says you should avoid doing anything that has the potential to spark a grass fire.


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