Texas Farmers Are Helping Farmers After Destructive Wildfires

We’re getting a closer look at just how much damage to agriculture has resulted from wildfires in Texas.

More than 100,000 acres through Central and South Texas have been scorched in the last week, but as you might expect, farmers are helping farmers in their time of need.

“I was told about one gentleman that lost his home and that his hay barns had over 700 round bales of hay just burned completely up and it’s just story after story like that.”

Ranchers in the Central Texas community of Canadian are recovering from devastating losses from a week of wildfires.

“So now the cattle that they have that did make it through, in many places the pastures have burned down. Pretty much just look like a sand yard and there’s nothing left for those cattle to eat. So they’re going to be depending on hay donations.”

In neighboring Hemphill County, Agri-life Extension agent, Andy Holloway is helping with those efforts.

“So we’re in the process of raising money you know to buy as many semi loads of cubes that we can possibly buy. Each load because of the prices we’ve seen the last three of four months in everything due to the inflation going up, a delivered load now costs about $10,000 and so that’s a 50,000 pound load.”

The Eastland County Fire Chief says at last county, 85 homes had burned to the ground. Farmers and ranchers are also in need, so over the weekend, ranchers in Canadian gathered donations to buy cattle cubes, to provide protein for livestock.

“So far we’ve raised just enough money to buy two loads of 40% protein cubes.”

Holloway explains why the situation hits a little too close to home.

“We’re very moved about their situation. Those people from that Eastland County area came to our rescue back in 2017. The beef cattle producers, farmers and ranchers brought over 500 bales of hay up to our area when we had our big wildfire.”

Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller says the Star Fund can help farmers and ranchers rebuild after natural disasters. If you need assistance or want to donate to the fund, click here.


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