Texas farmers say Mexico’s lack of water delivery is hurting the industry


Lance Cheung

Under an agreement signed back in 1944, Mexico is obligated to provide the U.S. with 350,000 acre-feet of water each year over a five-year cycle, but they are still yet to deliver this time around. It is a delay some Texas farmers say is having major consequences.

Researchers at Texas A&M say farmers in the Rio Grande Valley stand to lose nearly $500 million this year because of the lack of irrigation water. Brian Jones has been farming the area for around 40 years. This year, he only planted half his farm because of the shortfall in water.

Mexico is currently almost a million acre-feet behind their commitment and no solid plan is in place to make up for it. Representatives from farm country recently met with U.S. officials, urging them to create a plan to hold Mexico accountable.