Texas Male Vocalist of the Year, Wade Bowen released his 10th studio album — Flyin

Flyin really came out of this energy I needed at this point in my career at 20 plus years in!”

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Nashville, TN - May 10, 2024 - Today, Red Dirt Country Singer-Songwriter Wade Bowen is adding his 10th studio album to his diverse portfolio of music with the highly anticipated release of Flyin (Bowen Sounds via Thirty Tigers/The Orchard). The second project that Bowen produced fully himself, the 12-track genre-bending album takes listeners on a journey from old-fashioned honky-tonk country to gut-wrenching ballads, classic rock and even a love song to Texas that highlights how his home state shaped who he is today, and features talent including Songwriter Hall of Famer Hillary Lindsey, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman and singer-songwriters Eric Paslay, Chase Bryant, Heather Morgan, and more.

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“I’m extremely proud of this record,” Bowen said. “Flyin really came out of this energy I needed at this point in my career at 20 plus years in. Right now, I’m having more fun than I ever have playing music, writing songs, producing albums. I wanted people to see that with this release. This album has an energy we have never had before, and I hope my fans can feel that as well!”

Described by Bowen as symbolizing the next phase of his career, Flyin provides listeners with an unexpected array of songs that will keep them on their toes and take them through a unique, musical journey that showcases Bowen’s diverse musical range and hard-hitting songwriting.

The record opens with the all-encompassing, fun, upbeat title track “Flyin” that is different from anything Wade has written in the past, while representing everything he wants from his career right now. The lively track quickly transitions to the previously released “Mary Jane,” a sentimental ballad written by singer-songwriters Chase Bryant and Jon Randall. The poetic track opens with, “You were always way too pretty for this town. A little too good to be hanging around on this side of the tracks. Are you lost, are you lonely?” setting the starry-eyed tone for the remainder of the song.

The listener is then welcomed by “Rainin on Me,” the first single to be released from Flyin. The up-tempo, Eagles-inspired tune takes Bowen back to the music he listened to growing up. Furthermore, the newest single from the record, Nothin But Texas,” is a contagious bluesy, gritty anthem that spotlights Wade’s unwavering love for his home state of Texas, the attitude it has given him, as well as how it has influenced his diverse musical tastes. Bowen even debuted the track at the Texas Rangers season opener earlier this year as an exclusive moment for the 40,000+ crowd at Globe Life Field.

Toward the middle of the album, listeners experience the feel-good, high-spirited, and nostalgic “Friday Night,” which opens with former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman as a football announcer, transporting fans back to their High School days. The powerful “When I Wanna Be Wanted” featuring Hillary Lindsey kicks off with the soft undertones of an electric guitar and is an honest and raw track, not originally written as a duet. Upon listening through, Bowen felt the song could be much more powerful with a female perspective incorporated. The album concludes with Bowen wearing his heart on his sleeve for the most vulnerable track on the record, “Hidin Behind This Microphone,” exploring the ever-present emotions of Bowen balancing his career with personal life and the healing powers that music can provide.

Flyin track listing:

  1. Flyin
  2. Mary Jane
  3. Rainin On Me
  4. Nothin But Texas
  5. Two Hurts, One Stoned
  6. Friday Night (Featuring Troy Aikman)
  7. Someone Else’s Now
  8. When I Wanna Be Wanted (Featuring Hillary Lindsey)
  9. Love Does What It Wants To
  10. The Request
  11. The Hardest Part
  12. Hidin Behind This Microphone
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