Texas man donates kidney to wife of 51 years

Peggy and Mike

A Texas man gave his wife of more than 50 years a very special Christmas present this year.

Mike and Peggy Nipper have been married for half a century. Earlier this year Peggy was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, a disease that had taken her mother’s life years ago, according to a KVUE News report.

“You have dialysis and you have transplant,” Peggy said, “Those are your choices when you get to that point.”

Transplants can be complicated with a patient over 70 years old, like Peggy, and a donor must match your blood and tissue type.

The wait would be short, however, as there is no denying, Mike and Peggy are a perfect match, and not just as husband and wife.

Mike did not hesitate when making the decision to donate a kidney.

“I tell people she gave me her heart 50 years ago, so I will give her my kidney for the remainder,” Mike told WTHR News.

“I’m going to count it as a Christmas present and maybe the next birthday present, too,” Mike said.