Texas residents face threats of flooding as border wall construction remains halted

Residents in Mission, Texas could face threats of flooding if work on a levee wall fails to be completed. Its construction was part of the broader wall project, which was halted when President Biden took office.

Now, several Republican Legislators are calling on the White House to authorize funding for completing projects like this. One Florida Representative took a tour of border towns to witness the situation firsthand.

According to Rep. Carlos Gime, “It actually protects this levee which goes on for miles. You can see that part of it has been constructed, but there is a whole bunch of miles that hasn’t been constructed that are meant to not only protect the citizens from illegal entry but also from flooding. So, behind me, you see some construction equipment that is sitting idly by and we’re paying for it. So, we’re paying millions of dollars for infrastructure that is not being completed but the contractors are still getting their money. So, eventually, this all has to be completed-- we’re going to pay double.”

Gime is one of several cosponsors of legislation that would allocate funding for border security. They call it the American Border Rescue Plan Act.