The American public does not want farmers to deal with improving sustainability alone

A new survey shows Americans have great trust in farmers.

Farm Bureau economist John Newton says that Americans do not think farmers should bear the cost of improving sustainability themselves.

“The public doesn’t believe that we need to go in alone. I think they recognize that climate smart technology adoption is a public good,” Newton states. “Seven in ten adults say that government incentives to encourage farmers to adopt addition sustainable ag practices would be effective in improving environmental sustainability in agriculture.”

Newton also says that Americans understand farms must be economically and environmentally sustainable.

The survey also shows 58 percent rate sustainability practices of farmers positively and 90 percent say they trust farmers.

That is 4 percent higher than the June survey.

In addition, 80 percent of adults understand the importance of feeding the world.

That survey also found most Americans believe farmers and ranchers feed the world in a sustainable way.


Farm Bureau polling shows strong trust and support for farmers from American public