The American Shorthorn Association launches ‘Shorthorn Beef -- Locally Raised’

A new branded beef program takes an innovative approach in marketing to consumers. The American Shorthorn Association tells us more about how this puts increased marketing opportunities for quality beef into the hands of breeder-members.

Consumers are driving demand for locally raised food, and the American Shorthorn Association is leading the way in making more locally raised beef available in the marketplace. The association, which launched an innovative program called “Shorthorn Beef -- Locally Raised,” is helping Shorthorn breeders across the country promote their beef through social media and other promotional platforms.

According to Montie Soules, “The ‘Shorthorn Beef -- Locally Raised’ program, I think, is unique in our industry because everybody thinks big. Everybody thinks you’ve got to do a branded beef program that you’re going to sell to every restaurant in the country, or put it in every grocery store. This is really directed individually to a consumer, and we can possibly get some consumers on the farm. They can see how we care for our cattle and they can learn about what we do in agriculture.”

The gentle and quiet Shorthorn breed, ideal for family focused farms and ranches, has long been known for its superior quality beef. The breed has a unique ability to produce high levels of marbling, combined with greater levels of muscling than other cattle breeds.

“Producers should really consider adding Shorthorn genetics in their herds. There are a number of reasons, but there are probably two or three that become very economical pretty quick,” Soules states. “One of them is disposition. There’s enough data out there today to prove this disposition thing is real money. It’s value. Cattle that will stand at the feed bunk and eat make more money then cattle that are running around and half crazy.”

He goes on to say, “The second part of that avenue is those cattle are probably going to have a little better quality meat. First of all, you’re going to get rid of dark-cutters because of disposition, but the Shorthorn breed in general has the ability to provide an interior fat, a good marbling score, good yield grade. They can do all those things right and they are a maternal breed, and when you can add the maternal breed with it, fertility and the things that they can bring to the table for a producer and provide an end product that is going to be very acceptable and, in many cases, superior. You’ve got a win-win.”

For consumers interested in locating a nearby Shorthorn breeder, the association’s website now includes a growing directory for breeders with beef for sale.