The beef industry releases its five-year plan

The global pandemic has spurred change across the farm sector and could lead to more.

The beef industry has released its new five-year plan for producers and policymakers. The plan includes their vision, which is to be the protein of choice by consumers around the world, trusted and respected for its commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability.

Goals include improving demand, adding value to processing, improving sustainability, and making traceability a reality.

“COVID-19 has shown a bright light on the risk and rapid spread of new infectious diseases. Without a traceability system a rapidly spreading disease could be devastating,” Kim Brackett with the Cattlemen’s Beef Board said. “A traceability program would allow for immediate and effective management and mitigation of an animal disease outbreak. Our task force believes it is time for the cattle industry to step up and make traceability a reality.”

The export market is also a key target because it provides the most opportunity for growth in the industry. With that in mind, the beef sector wants to grow exports to 17 percent of beef production. Brackett says that it is stretch goal, but one within reach.

In the U.S., the beef industry wants to work to gain consumer trust as 70 percent of Americans want to know more about where their food comes from.

“The increased coverage of activist driven agendas... the COVID-19 experience is changing how people shop, where they buy food, and how they are cooking and preparing that food... the protein market is increasingly becoming crowded and competitive,” Brackett said.

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