The Dicamba Debate Continues


September 26, 2017

Nashville, TN (RFD-TV) After investigating recent complaints, Arkansas’s Department of Agriculture Plant Board has approved an April 15, 2018 cutoff date for Dicamba usage during the next season. The Board’s regulatory changes concerning the use of the herbicide will now be subject to a 30 day public comment period, followed by a public hearing that will be held on November 8. Following the public comment and public hearing period, the final proposed rule will be forwarded to the Executive Subcommittee of the Arkansas Legislative Council for final rule approval.

The popular herbicide, which is typically utilized on corn crops, has caused damage to soybean crops in some states due to problems with drift. (Missouri and Tennessee have also faced issues with Dicamba drift.) It has been a hot topic this season for farmers, citizens, governments, and major agricultural companies. The product’s manufacturers insist that it is safe when applied according to instructions printed on the label.

Monsanto’s Vice President of Global Security, Scott Partridge, joined “Market Day Report” to talk about the problem saying “We filed a petition with the plant board in an effort to explain the science that needs to be taken into account.” Watch the full interview above to get an overview of this ongoing issue.

Roger McEowen, a financial expert from Washburn University, has recently weighed in with his own take on the issue, with information and advice for farmers who might find themselves caught up in this matter.

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