The famous scoops of Shop Springs Dairy and Creamery

June is National Dairy Month and there’s a dairy farm and ice cream shop in Tennessee that has become quite famous for its scoops.

People drive from all over to get some of the scratch-made goodness served at Shop Springs Creamery in Wilson County, Tennessee.

“We usually have sixteen different flavors, just because that is what our cooler can hold. We have our traditional flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peach, that we always have and then throughout the summer we rotate different flavors. We do flavors of the week, or every other week just depending on what’s going on at the farm,” ice cream maker Elizabeth Turner states.

A regular on the menu board is the salted caramel, and we got to see the magic happen and the swirls of caramel as it is going in. Elizabeth and her husband Jeffrey operate the creamery.

So, why does the ice cream taste so good?

Well, it is not just that Elizabeth makes it but it also has to do with the freshness of the milk. It comes from the dairy cows located on the family farm.

“We milk about 100 cows, twice a day. Of course, we raise all of our young stock, as well replacement heifers. We also raise our steers we sell for beef,” Jeffrey states.

He is a fourth-generation farmer and you could say this operation was born out of love.

Shop Springs not only offers traditional white milk but chocolate milk and cookies and cream. And, of course, they serve cookies and cream ice cream.

There are miles of smiles at this place and everyone loves this ice cream because it was made with love.

Check it out on YouTube.