The grain markets are keeping a close eye on the upcoming Prospective Plantings Report

Grain price movement has been pretty stagnant but that could all change Thursday with USDA’s Prospective Plantings Report.

Oklahoma State University Extension economists say there is not enough happening right now to make a push on prices but they will be keeping a close eye on those numbers.

“Well right now I’m watching harvest prices. Pretty much all our wheat from 2023, corn, beans, everything’s pretty much been sold, so I’m watching harvest prices. You look at wheat right now. You know we’ve talked about it moving sideways. It’s been moving from about $5 to $5.50. $5.25 right now, right in the middle - when you look at the stocks-to-use averages for the world and the U.S. are right at average. So, you take our prices would be around $5.80 for harvest.”

That report will drop at 12:00 PM Eastern on Thursday.

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