The grizzly bear has recovered, no longer on Endangered Species List

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says that the grizzly bear is recovered.

The agency continues to face lawsuits to keep the bear on the Endangered Species List. More conflicts between bears and humans or livestock continue to be reported.

Service Director Aurelia Skipwith says that putting more money into making decisions about the bears is one idea to move forward.

“Knowing that our sportswomen and men are those true advocates of conservation because they are the ones paying those taxes and it feeds back into that system of management for the habitat, management for the wildlife species and their populations,” Skipwith said. “Without our sportsmen and women, we wouldn’t see the species flourish the way that they do.”

The Fish and Wildlife Service is allocating $250,000 to help with management when there are conflicts between humans and grizzly bears.