The Ukraine Report: Protests between Poland was more beneficial to Russia

In Poland, in recent weeks, unknown attackers broke the seals on railway cars several times and spilled Ukrainian grain.

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The last case was the largest when corn was dumped from eight wagons. In this situation, the grain of the Ukrainian trader Serhiy Orlovsky was affected.

We managed to talk to him.

“The wagons were in transit, moving to the port of Gdańsk, where the corn was to be reloaded onto a ship and sent to customers. At night, the train stopped at the railway station. Unknown people opened the wagons and poured the grain on the ground. We spent a day collecting it.”

We will remind you that these incidents happened during farmers’ protests in Poland. Agrarians protested against the “green course” policy and partly against duty-free grain trade between Europe and Ukraine.

This was accompanied by a blockade of the Ukrainian border. Poland’s ambassador to Ukraine in 2016-2019, Jan Peklo, believes that destabilization on the border and similar incidents are primarily beneficial to Russia.

“It is not beneficial for Ukraine, it is not beneficial for Poland. This is beneficial to Russia, there is definitely a Russian hand there.”

Paweł Kowal, a member of the Polish Parliament, agrees with him:

“Russian propaganda plays a big role here. It is not only about what to quarrel about between Ukraine and Poland but also about weakening Ukraine’s position in the EU. There will be many such operations in Central Europe to sow discord.”

The Ukrainian border is blocked, instead, grain from Russia and Belarus enters Poland and the European Union in general.

Latvia became the first country to ban the import of Russian agricultural products. The Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, said that he would apply to the European Commission to extend such a ban to the entire European Union.

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