The world has enough wheat, the price is the problem

The International Food Policy Institute says that the world will not run out of wheat, despite a lack of shipments from Ukraine and a bad winter wheat crop in the U.S.

The group says that the real problem will be the price of wheat. Many nations that once relied on Ukraine for the crop, cannot afford the current price.

According to IFPI’s Dr. Joe Glauber, “These countries are 30-35 percent of their diets are from wheat, wheat products. Yemen imports about 100 percent of its wheat. They have their own civil war going on. It’s not a question of the country, you know, stepping up that safety net, it has no resources really to kind of cover that. So, you’re really talking humanitarian aid and I think that’s the good thing is that the world seems to be coming forward with providing humanitarian aid.”

The institute says that it will take a lot of financial aid over the next year to help poor nations.


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