Today is National Rural Health Day!

It is National Rural Health Day!

Now into its 10th year, this day helps spotlight ongoing conversations centered on rural health.

As we know, medical assistance can be scarce for some areas, that means there could be fewer resources for people who struggle with mental health.

If this is a problem in your areas and you are feeling stressed, health specialist John Shutske has some recommendations.

“When you talk about stress, having some sense of control is really, really important. What I suggest is that farmers and families do it as a family. That you sit down once a week and bring the family together and you ‘farm’ your time... What are one or two important things coming up in this next week we want to focus on,” Shutske explains. “During these times of COVID and during the busy times, making sure that you are eating regularly. Eating breakfast is really important, getting enough intake of fluid. Communication is also critical. Communication is that two-way street. Being able to talk about your feelings, being okay crying, listening to people. Actively listening to people, being presents is really crucial.”