Tractors Fly Off the Lots in Latest Farm Equipment Sales Trends

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers is celebrating two years of strong sales.

The data shows tractor sales were up 1.5% in January compared to the previous year, combine sales dropped more than 41%, sales across all categories are well above the five-year trend and the upward momentum began in 2020.

“The real driver in the volume has been the smaller horsepower tractors and that is obviously going to include some farms, but it includes a whole lot of people that are on acres or big homesteads or smaller farms that may have historically had some disposable income, they might have gone out to eat a little bit more, gone on a vacation, but instead because of the pandemic they’ve been investing a little bit more in their homestead. We see that really been kind of the driver for the last couple years.”

AEM says it’s cautiously optimistic the trends will continue.


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