Trade Negotiations Continue as 2020 Deadline Draws Near

Negotiations continue with both the U.S. Mexico Canada agreement and China trade deals as 2020 creeps closer.

Although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently predicted USMCA talks will get done this year, USDA leaders say getting the trade deal to the house floor in the next few weeks is crucial.

But Senator Chuck Grassley says even if the working group negotiates USMCA hurdles, the new details will have to be passed in an additional deal. Grassley says U.S. negotiators all over China report positive progress on U.S. Chinese trade talks.

USDA Undersecretary, Ted Mckinney, says his team met with the U.S. trade representatives three times last week. And with negotiations keeping pace, farmers aren’t sure if there will be another round of market facilitation payments.

For 2019 the administration allocated nearly 16 billion dollars for the second round of trade aid. Sign-ups close on December 6.

Report by: Corryn LaRue