Transportation Secretary on Biden’s “American Job Plan” and how it will benefit agriculture, rural America

President Joe Biden has unveiled his more than $2 trillion dollar infrastructure package. The “American Jobs Plan” is billed as a much-needed overhaul but there is opposition over how it is funded.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on how the plan will benefit agriculture and rural America, and how it looks to bridge the digital divide, as well as how the infrastructure overhaul will be paid for and Biden’s net-zero initiative.

“This is an investment in the foundation of the American economy. You think about, for example, agricultural exports and we’re seeing a lot of backups in our ports. Now that is part of an entire infrastructure system that has got to get better, from the port to the rail that’s getting things to the ports, to the rural roads and bridges that are getting things to where they can get on the rails,” the Secretary explains. “All of those things need an upgrade-- they have for a very long time... This plan includes funds to address 10,000 bridges across America.”


Breakdown of President Biden’s “American Jobs Plan”