Two California men forced to pay “enhanced fines” for poaching


Two California men have were given enhanced fines for using an automatic deer feeder to attract trophy bucks in California in separate instances.

“California hunters have long considered baiting for deer a violation of fair chase principles,” David Bess, CDFW Deputy Director and Chief of the Law Enforcement Division, told USA Today. “The Legislature and Fish and Game Commission enacted laws and regulations to prohibit the act, then took it a step further to enhance the penalties associated with conviction of baiting trophy class deer.”

According to the El Dorado Superior Court, 66-year-old Myron Barry Woltering pled no contest to a misdemeanor of taking deer over bait and because it was a trophy buck, he received a $17,500 fine, three years probation and a three-year hunting ban.

The other case was 70-year-old William Vaden, who will have to pay a $20,000 fine in addition to 90 days of alternative sentencing and a three years probation as well.

The laws for enhanced fines for poaching began in July of 2017.