Two factors could upset nitrogen fertilizer prices next year

Industry leaders say prices likely will not come down anytime soon.

With recent volatility in the nitrogen fertilizer market, analysts say there is very little chance we see lower prices next year.

One of the bigger issues facing the market will be the price of natural gas, especially in Europe where summer production was cut due to high prices.

Analysts say production issues there send waves across the global markets. They also warn if Europe or the U.S. has a colder-than-normal winter, natural gas supplies could decline. That would send nitrogen fertilizer prices up again, and the drought and low river levels play a role, too.

For the time being, six of the eight major fertilizers are slightly lower in price than last week. DAP, MAP, Potash, Urea, 10-34-0, and anhydrous all came in lower, but none fell more than five percent. UAN-28 and UAN-32 both remain more expensive than this time last month.